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Checklist for Funeral and Cremation Planning in New Castle, IN

The process of planning funeral and cremation services in New Castle, IN is not only emotional, but it can be a stressful experience if you don’t have a good system to follow. It is normal for families to feel uncertainty in their grief, which is why you should enlist the support of a trusted funeral director.

Yes, it is smart to discuss end-of-life wishes with your family members. But this difficult conversation also needs to happen with a funeral planning expert. Our team at Sproles Family Funeral Home can offer the guidance and support you need. When you schedule a consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the industry and talk about options for the services. We promise a full-service experience to assist with your needs every step of the way.

Funeral and Cremation Checklist in New Castle, IN

Here is an overview of common funeral home services that might be required for your event. Keep in mind that every family has unique preferences, which is why there is never a “right” way to design funeral services. Instead, our funeral planning experts offer information to help you explore the possibilities for your customized funeral service.

  • Event: Most families want to have a gathering where they can say goodbye to a loved one. Often, the event is designed as a formal funeral in a chapel or funeral home. Or, you might prefer a memorial service, which is similar to the funeral, but the casket is not present. Other event options include a celebration of life or a small gathering of family at home.
  • Disposition: How would you like to lay your loved one to rest? The disposition of the body is another important decision that is addressed early in the planning process. You have the option to choose cremation services or casket burial. It is essential to follow local laws and obtain the proper permits for both of these services.
  • Burial: The burial process can be completed with a body in a casket, or cremated ashes can be placed in the ground if desired. Select a local cemetery and then choose an available plot to purchase.
  • Cremation: One of the reasons families prefer cremation is the flexibility for choosing a unique place to lay the person to rest. Cremated ashes can be placed in an urn. Or, you might choose a location for scattering the ashes. Some families want to leave a lasting memory by planting the ashes with a new tree or creating a memorial garden.
  • Products: You will need to select specific products to match the preferred disposition of the body. For example, select a cremation container or casket. Also, consider other options such as a grave marker, inscriptions on the stone, keepsake jewelry, memorial urns, and more.
  • Display: If you are having loved ones gather for a funeral or memorial, then it is nice to have pictures or video on display. These images can be placed in frames. Additionally, audio-video equipment is available for a slideshow or video presentation if desired.
  • Administrative: Other details need to be coordinated behind the scenes, such as a published obituary for the person, death certificate paperwork, medical examiner sign-off, Veterans benefits, insurance paperwork, and more. Our staff is here to assist with all of these important details.

As you can see, a lot goes into the process of designing funeral services for your loved one. Our team at Sproles Family Funeral Home will walk you through all stages of funeral planning. We offer a personalized approach for funeral and cremation services in New Castle, IN.

Funeral Costs: What to Expect

One of the first questions families have about funeral services is about the cost: how much should be spent on these services? The truth is that funeral costs vary depending on the type of services selected by the family.

At Sproles Family Funeral Home, we offer a variety of funeral packages to match the budgets of all families. The most affordable option is to schedule a direct cremation without a large event or funeral. But, don’t assume that you can’t afford funeral services if you are on a budget. There are affordable ways to say goodbye to your loved one while respecting your financial needs at the same time.

The simplest way to explore your options for funeral services is by talking to us about available funeral packages. We provide options so you can customize the services to best meet the preferences of your loved ones.

Whether you need immediate or preplanning funeral and cremation services in New Castle, IN, we are here to assist. You are invited to visit us at Sproles Family Funeral Home, with our convenient location at 2400 S Memorial Dr New Castle, IN 47362. Call at your convenience to schedule a meeting with a knowledgeable funeral director: (765) 521-2400.

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